I haven’t written anything on here for a while, and I guess it’s time for a catch up.

I’ve not been doing so much writing for myself lately (focusing most of my writing energy on Johnny Noir) but I have been doing research in terms of writing.

I go through phases of reading lots, and not reading so much at all, the same as anything I guess, but I have been in a reading mood lately. Oddly, I have been reading more non-fiction than usual, including a book about the history of Gin (I’ve just started the History of Rum, and the history of Whisky is to follow), and ‘Things the Grandchildren Should Know’; the biography of Mark Everett, of Eels.

Eels are one of my favourite bands, and it seems unusual to me that I had not picked up this book until now. It did not take me long to get through it, as the only breaks I really took were when I had to take a moment to bring myself back to reality. Initially, it’s pretty bleak, as almost everyone in his family dies by the second page, and is followed by an in depth description of how each of them died. He led a tough childhood, but the book itself is incredibly well written and we could all learn a lot from the ideas that he proffers.

I have also been quite on top of my Comic book reading, going back and visiting some Batman comics I haven’t read in a while, and observing how character stories and arcs change through the comics. I find it interesting to think that anyone can create their own stories like this; being offered a selection of tools and parts, and basically building their own story. As long as you stick to certain rules, anyone can come up with their own Batman story. It’s like the ultimate form of Fan Fiction.

I have also been sticking my nose into a bit of Lovecraft, indulging my inner goth.There is something about the worlds that he creates, and the creatures and monsters and atmospheres that resonate with me, and evidently with a lot of other people.

I also went to a talk by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, in which they discussed writing comedy, their approach to writing comedy and some wisdom they could impart about writing in general. This was valuable, and I am glad that I went.

In a few weeks, I am going to talk by Neil Gaiman, in which he will also discuss writing, which I am looking forward to massively.

So whereas I may have not been working on writing my own stuff, I have been working, on other projects and doing research, as reading and getting new and fresh ideas is important to keep my mind from going stale. I have come up with a few ideas for some new scripts which I shall be working on over summer, but not until I have a bit more time on my hands.

So there’s a quick catch up and a summary of what I’ve been doing, now back to my books!


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