A few weeks ago, as I was walking home on a brisk evening, feeling tremendously at peace with the world and generally good about everything, a feeling which rarely visits nowadays, I was listening to ‘Soldier’s Things’ by Tom Waits. I walked a little slower in order to truly appreciate the piece, and found a number of images rushing through my head. The next song to come on was Paganini’s ‘Caprice in A Minor’. Again, a tumbling whirl of images rushed forth, and so I reached for my trusty notebook (inner left pocket of my jacket, always close to my heart and perhaps one day will save my life à la old war films, where the book stops a bullet) and started writing.

I sent a message to my brother, telling him that I had come up with an idea, and asked if he might light to work on it with me? My brother is a music producer and so I usually the first person I think of when I need some music devising.

Last night we discussed ideas and talked about it at much length over a couple of beers while a man played flamenco in the corner.

So, a project I am going to work on, co produced by my brother, will be ‘A musical piece for Piano and Typewriter’, the story of a bohemian writer, after quitting his job and giving up everything to be a writer, having writers block, and needing to find his muse. I know how it looks in my head, Jethro knows how it looks in his head, we’re going to work on it further before we take it into production, be totally ready with Storyboards and treatments and all the relevant information, but then we’ll make it. And it will be awesome.

Now, anyone out there want to help me customise or fabricate a typewriter?


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