So what next for me now? What will I do with the past six weeks worth of information and work? What can I possibly do to utilize the information that I have bestowed upon myself, through research and experimentation?

Well, my plan is: continue learning.

Although this is something I strive for all of the time, I will pay extra attention to this project.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing, and have reveled in being able to come up with ideas and turn them into something. I have enjoyed being able to watch comedy and cite it as ‘Research’. I have loved watching the characters I have created grow and form and become real people in my mind. I have loved learning about them, knowing what they might do or say in a given situation, and allowing that to influence my writing.

Most of all, I have loved being able to tell people my ideas and make them laugh. The ability to make people laugh is something special that not everyone holds, and I was not sure if I was one of the people who had this ability. I am proud to say that, at least to some degree, I do. I have watched people reading my script smile to themselves, or inwardly giggle. I have watched peoples eyes widen as they reach tense moments, or the corners of their mouths drop as they read something sad. I have loved having this effect on people, and I want to continue to do so.

I have learned a lot about writing, especially comedy writing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I am still not sure if this is something I would like to do as a career, but it is certainly something I am considering. Even when I have felt like I could not force words out, I have read the words of some of the people I admire the most, writers, telling me that sometimes it happens. And when even Oscar Wilde is writing about having days where he wrote nothing, I don’t feel so bad. But the only way to make sure I am writing is to be at my computer, trying.

I think I would like to write some more for the next module, and I definitely want to write more in the future. I look forward to being able to work with someone else again, as having someone to bounce ideas off is a wonderful way of enhancing a script. But for now, I can safely say, that of all of the experience I have had with film production, this has been one of my most enjoyable. Being able to venture into my own mind, explore and see what I can find. In many cases, other people enjoy exploring it too, and that gives me tremendous satisfaction. So I shall continue to write, explore ideas, and continue trying to make people laugh. Because being able to make people laugh is one of the most joyful experiences there is.


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