Today I finished the first draft of my script. It currently stands at paltry 52 and a half pages, not including the title page. Now all I need to do is re-write it and edit it a few dozen times, and I might have something vaguely amusing or good.

But there is it. The first hurdle has been… Hurdled…


3 thoughts on “The First Draft

  1. Read the first half of your story today. It kept me captivated and I genuinely found it really funny. The scene with the subtitles sounds really exciting. I would be up for reading the rest of it if you’d like.

  2. This is clearly the perfect time to give you inspiration – a week before hand in.

    An example of comedy that kept a continuous, ridiculous narrative while managing to stay funny in pretty much every scene – the Marx brothers films. A perfect mix of Groucho with the witty sarcasm, Chico and his smart-stupidity, and the awesome clown routines of Harpo (nobody really gave a shit about pretty-boy Zeppo).

    If you haven’t yet considered these, check out:

    Duck Soup
    Animal Crackers
    Horse Feathers
    Monkey Business

    Bless up.

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