Sometimes I really have to wonder how predictive text works. I am one of these people who has not yet succumbed to the smart phone revolution, instead opting to keep my faithful ‘unbreakable’ phone with shatter and scratch proof screen. I know how clumsy I can be when it comes to phones, so this makes sense to me.
But, despite the hilarity which can be had with the autocorrect on a smart phone, my phone has the ever faithful ‘Predictive text’. Occasionally I will tell someone that I think the new Eels song sounds pretty ‘Book’ rather than ‘Cool’, or that everything that I hear on radio one is ‘Bras’. But some words which should be in the dictionary, aren’t. ‘Google’ it will pull up quite happily, but try to describe something as ‘fizzy’, you get ‘Dizzy’ or bust.

Yesterday I tried to tell someone about an idea I’d had involving a Giraffe.
‘Oh no’ said predictive text, ‘Giraffes? They don’t exist, don’t be so silly. How about iircede instead?’
I have also noticed that I can cock up writing a message spectacularly, and it will keep offering me options.
I just pressed a random assortment of letters until it eventually gave up. It gave me ‘Goldbyshlkytoglfogystloxfulyelm’, of course. That comes up in conversation all the time, doesn’t it?
But ‘Giraffe’, that’s just stupid.



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