In an effort to lose a little bit of weight which has been gained through over-indulgence, I asked my friends what I could do.
‘Eat less, don’t drink so much booze.’ seemed to be the general consensus, and a sensible one. Easy enough. I can do that.

But what about fitness?
‘Try swimming.’
That would be great, except I can’t swim.
‘Go to the gym.’
I might, but that costs money, and I’m quite self conscious. That’s why I want to lose weight.
‘Go running.’

Now there’s an idea. Running. People go jogging, don’t they?
The thing is, I was never really a long distance runner. I hated the 1500m at school. I’m more a 100m kind of guy. I can do short distances quickly, that’s me. But people don’t really do that, do they? You never hear someone say: “I’m just going out for a sprint.”
You put the kettle on, they’re back in time to have a cup of tea.
No one does that.
Maybe this whole exercise malarky isn’t for me. Unless I can make ‘Sprinting’ a thing.


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