For this module, I have been asked to write a set of feedback criteria on which my script should be judged. It should include information about how I would like my script to be seen, reviewed and what it should be compared to. The emphasis was on comparison.
‘You should show evidence of what your film should be compared to.’
I understand the purpose of this is to say ‘Here’s what I’ve taken influence from’, but I think it was gone about in the wrong way.

Telling us that we will fail if we don’t have comparable material? Okay, here’s my statement.

“I, Laurie Dix, am incapable of independent thought. My script is to be compared to the work of Edgar Wright. Although it was not in any way supposed to mimic his work, people have drawn comparisons which I took to be compliments, although now apparently this is the yard stick I am to be measured against.

Please, if my script does not compare to the writings of Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes, or the directorial works of Edgar Wright, then discard it.’

Yes, I took inspiration from the works of Edgar Wright, Woody Allen, Brian Lee O’Malley and a number of other places, but ultimately it was based on my own experience.

“Please compare my work to others and discredit what you deem to be unique ideas. There is no such thing as an original idea, and so if you think there might be any references to other works, please identify them and assume that they were intentional”.


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