As you may have noticed, I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about adverts that condone hate. But they all appear to be aimed at men:
‘McCoys – Man Crisps’
‘Yorkie – It’s not for girls’
WKD, Pepsi Max, Fosters…

Why are there so many, and why are they still accepted?

And then there are all the ‘Slimming’ adverts, aimed only at women.

This is getting ridiculous now. There are more types of people in the world, let’s accept them.

So here are a couple of my alternatives.

‘Tampax – For people who have periods.’
‘Iceland – It’s cheap.’
‘Special K – It’s cereal.’
‘Weight Watchers – Because you want to lose some weight for what could be any number of reasons, but we won’t judge you.’
‘Specsavers – You’re visually impaired.’
‘Gilette – Razors for shaving.’
‘Venus – Razors for shaving.’

Because, although I understand that advertisers need a market, do we have to stick to predefined rules? Traditional gender roles and homophobia?

It’s the twenty first century. Let’s move it along.

Just for once, instead of a woman trying to lose weight, can’t we have a man? Instead of men sitting around being absolute arseholes, can’t we have the truth? Can’t we have an advert for Topshop with a transvestite in it? Can’t we have a grocery shop advert aimed at Parents, rather than specifically Mums? Let’s accept that there’s a whole world out there, and it’s scary and it’s funny and we can still have a laugh at make jokes, but let’s not pigeon hole people.

These are the reasons I can so easily parody these adverts, because they’re stupid. I appreciate the ease with which I can make jokes about them, but come on. Give me a challenge,

Well done Aldi.


2 thoughts on “Sexist adverts

  1. patronising, clearly-written-by-a-man Tena lady advert. your dress got hitched up by a lift in front of an attractive male, but at least a little bit of wee didn’t come out! phew, thank god for that…

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