Laurie, sitting at his computer, decides not to have a beer, and instead, start writing. He has plans, ideas, characters, all flying round his head.

His hands reach the keyboard and he begins to write. A man, lying on a sofa in his pyjamas watching Brief Encounter. His friend knocking on the window. “Andy!” he says, “Let me in. I know you’re hurting now, but you just have to get out there again.” or, at least, words to that effect.

Laurie pauses. This isn’t what he wanted. This didn’t start with a break up, not like this anyway. This wasn’t how it happened.
Accepting that he won’t be able to write a script in which there are no suggestions to the gender of character, he decides that he will write it how he experienced it, but that it could have happened to anyone. This was not dictated by gender, and so, in direction, he may alter the characters slightly. But that doesn’t matter. This is a love story, it could have happened to anyone, but what’s important right now is that the story gets told. The details can be filled in later.

Laurie looks at his screen. ‘So much white space’, he thinks to himself. ‘But no, I won’t be intimidated.’
What were the first words? How did this begin?

He takes a breath.


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